Ask yourself 1 question:  Is my money safe enough if there’s a market correction???

You may be surprised to find out that most people really don’t know the level of risk they have. I find many clients not being aware of their actual “market risk” simply because they haven’t thought about it or their advisor hasn’t made them aware of it.

My best clients have taken the time to let me review their risk tolerance and reach a balance that fits their specific goals and expectations for safety and risk combined.

Simply take a look at your age and ask yourself another question, at my Age _____, do I want this much risk?
*The older you get the safer your money should be, Period.

The other issue is, you don’t want to wait until there’s a market correction and then make changes, as this will cost you more money than making changes before a correction.  

If you’d like to limit your risk, and have a balanced safety level that You Feel Comfortable with, simply give me a call at:
561-743-0999. Joe Thomas, Retirement Network Advisors

Other Questions you should ask yourself:

If there’s a market correction how much can I afford to lose? 

How many years will it take me to recover my losses?

Am I really getting the best advice from my advisor?

If I pass away can my wife or husband manage money like I did?

Is the stock market over-valued?

How will politics and trade wars affect my money?

If taxes increase will I be able to live comfortably?

Do I have a plan of action if me or my spouse need home health or nursing home care?

How long will my money last if I need nursing home services?

How long will my money last if I live a long life?

Are my family members qualified to manage my money?

Who can I go to for Real Advice about real life issues that other advisors don’t care about?  Call: Joe at 561-743-0999

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