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Getting free advice from those who want to help you: I originally wrote my book "Retirement Know-It-All" because I was so sick and tired of being told by clients and potential clients how their son-in-law, neighbor or brother-in-law knew all about the subject we were talking about.

Just remember that, in most cases, the same people who want to help you with your money want to help you out of your money. My simple advice here is to get true professional advice from people who have your best interest in mind -- not from the people who have their own interest in mind.

I have actually received phone calls from the "new" son-in-law telling me that the advice I gave his 70-year-old mother-in-law wasn't correct. The problem here is that these helpers want their mother-in-law’s money put in investments that suit their needs – those of a 30-year-old -- instead of the safety needs of a 70-year-old. So be cautious with the advisers you want to help you.        

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Not getting a 2nd opinion on your money: During my 20+ years in Florida, I have run hundreds of seminars. In doing so, I have met many clients, and the most important aspect of my seminar is to have the client get a 2nd opinion.

You should always get a second opinion when you're seeking advice on your money or a problem you'd like to solve. So many people will come to my seminar, read my book and often meet with me to pick my brain, only to go back to their original advisor and ask their current advisor if they did the right thing for them. Now, of course your existing advisor is going to say, "Yes, I did everything correctly for you," and most likely, they did. Please don't misunderstand my point here -- that is to get more than one advisor and make sure to speak to several advisors.

If you only ate at one restaurant, you would not know about how other chefs prepare food differently with different ingredients that might appeal to your taste buds more than your current restaurant. Now, this doesn't mean you can't still eat at the restaurant you really like; it simply means to open your horizons to other ideas. Many people invested all their money with Bernie Madoff only to realize they should have had another advisor and been more diversified -- they would not have lost as much money as they did. My best advice is getting a 2nd opinion